Wednesday, January 21, 2009

We Apologize Mr. Warhol

Also one more thing i saw during the class period... I saw a girl walkin outside the class with thhe cuteest Andy Warhol carry-on size duffle...  
And i go "oh man.. i love it... i need one of those bags..." 
and the chick next to me says "oh yea i seen them before... ion see why ppl like em.. arent they by Warsol??" LLS!!! 
so i shoot her this piercing look and she turns around knowing she said something wrong..... i go.." its Andy WARHOL.. he was a pop artist.. have you seen the campbell soup can and the marylin pictures??? even the knives????" 
i get a blank stare.......... like wtf are you talkin about?
So i flip open my kick and commence to educate this lost young soul.. 
This makes me wonder how many of these female are aimlessly walking around with  these bags on their shoulder not knowing any of the story behind it? i mean who doesn't know he was obsessed with marylin?? 
Like how many of these girls are tryin on the latest BOND no 9 neighborhood in Nordstrom and doesn't know the picture on the front of the bottle????? 
this bothers me.. and i needeed to share.

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